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Welcome to Artificial Sky, Home of the LARGEST Acoustic Tile Sky Ceilings, Ceiling Art, LED Skylights, Sky Ceiling Panels, LED Backlit Sky Ceilings, Digital Panoramic Wall Murals & the new Virtual Sky!

Virtual Sky panels come in individual Round diameter sizes of 2 ft, 3 ft and 4 ft with larger custom sizes available 40+ ft in diameter. Virtual Sky panels also come in suspended ceiling grid friendly square and rectangular lay-in panels in both 2'x2' and 2'x 4' individual sizes. Create life-size sky ceilings by connecting hundreds of Virtual Sky panels together. See the largest Virtual Sky in the world here by clicking here.

Using state-of-the-art LED light panels and sophisticated software we have now created an energy friendly Virtual Sky ceiling that actually appears to be a blue sky with passing clouds overhead in high resolution. Virtual Sky can remotely change from overhead task lighting to a blue sky with moving clouds. Virtual Sky has no size limitations, if you can dream it, we can build it.

How can you have a blue sky in a room with no windows? How can you make your ceilings and walls come to life?

Welcome to Artificial Sky, a service-disabled veteran owned small business (SDVOSB). We are the leading supplier of the largest Ceiling Art, LED Skylights, Virtual Sky ceiling systems and decorative wall murals used to create customer and patient friendly environments for commercial and residential use throughout the world. To create life-size visions of nature for a ceiling, you must use life-size imagery. Using a proprietary imaging process exclusive to Artificial Sky, we are able to capture real photographic images of the sky that are 10,000 times larger than competitors with no fuzzy, blurred imagery or pixelation hassles!

There have been hundreds of research reports showing the positive effects of incorporating our healing art and biophilic friendly products into healthcare design. Biophilia, most easily defined as "the love of nature", is the idea that people function best in the natural, green environments we evolved in, with other life around and with spaces that are more like natural habitats rather than boxes with dull, lifeless ceilings and walls. Biophilic design accompanies green building perfectly because its products are sustainable, blurring the boundaries between building and landscape to relax and soothe the soul. Even though people may be happy in a suburban bungalow or urban high-rise, we are most at peace when walking in a park, looking at the ocean or hiking in the woods. Biophilic spaces can reduce unnecessary stress and depression, enhance positive social response, speed up recovery times, provide medical patient distractions, increase staff productivity, increase retail sales, encourage educational growth in students and even make tight, claustrophobic spaces seem wide open. Best of all, our products are maintenance free and will provide years of enjoyment for customers and staff alike. With an Artificial Sky ceiling mural overhead, you will immediately SEE the advantages.

Hospital Lobby Ceilings & Wall Murals Artificial Sky designs custom, dropped ceiling tile, light diffuser panels and vinyl wall murals that easily integrate into drop ceilings and walls of hospital lobbies and waiting rooms. These no maintenance, patient friendly dropped ceiling tile installations, are perceived instantly upon viewing as a sign of caring and deeply appreciated by the patient as well as the caregivers themselves. Sky ceilings are becoming more popular in facility and office design because they are visually therapeutic and create an open feeling.

Airport Ceilings & Wall Murals

Airport hubs and the networks linking them have an unwritten responsibility to provide a calm, relaxing environment to first-time and frequent flyers. Whether it's a short wait for business travelers or long, delayed layovers for families, ceiling art and wall murals can help reduce anxiety, stress and the occasional short-tempered outbursts that can erupt between flyers and airport employees.

Hospital Patient Treatment Room Ceiling Art, LED Skylights & Wall Murals
Installing Artificial Sky's healing art around intimidating medical equipment creates a positive, patient friendly environment that is an instant sign of caring. Although the patient experience is enhanced through these attractive surroundings, it also helps the caregiver (nurse, technologist, doctor, etc.,) because patients are more cooperative. Healing art on dropped ceiling tiles and wall murals in healthcare settings has been proven to lower blood pressure, speed up recovery times and reduce overall stress and anxiety in patients.


Retail Ceilings & Wall Murals, Visual Merchandising, POP Displays

Have you ever wandered into a shop looking to buy a few things on your list, only to find yourself leaving with twice as much? At Artificial Sky we go through great lengths to ensure that no matter where our products are placed, shoppers will make their way to our unique environment through "line of sight" and sensory branding, because no matter what is in front of them, they can always look up! Visual merchandising article on Virtual Sky, the silent salesperson seen here on LinkedIn.

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Installing an Artificial Sky is as easy as 1.., 2.., 3!!!

1.)Click on our PRICING page and select a layout then choose an image from our online collection.
2.)Simply "push-up and pull out" your old ceiling tile or light lens.
3.)Drop the new Artificial Sky ceiling tile or light lens in its place.

Yes! it's that simple!!!

Ceiling Art is scientifically proven to:
- Lower Blood Pressure
- Reduce Stress/Anxiety
- Decrease Muscle Tension
- Reduce Pain
- Re-Direct Negative Thought

Maternity Ceilings & Wall Murals
There is a desire and a need for improved birth experiences. Poor healthcare design has been linked to negative patient consequences such as increased anxiety, delirium, increased blood pressure and most importantly increased intake of pain medications. Healing art from Artificial Sky is a great way to help mothers and their families relax and feel confident before, during and after childbirth with soft, warm, soothing images on backlit(shown below) or dropped ceiling tiles. Pain management studies have shown that hospitals offering mothers visual stimuli have reduced the need of painkillers by almost 30%.

Dental Office Ceiling Art & Wall Murals
for Sedation Dentistry and beyond

"The best patient care in the world does not mean anything if the office setting isn't quite right. The body naturally responds to the environment which surrounds it. At Artificial Sky we strive to make each patient's visit one they will never forget. Plus, when patients are relaxed, they are far more cooperative during procedures".
- Christine T, Customer Service

Daycare, K-12 Ceilings & Walls Murals

Adults are not the only ones who suffer from stress on a day-to-day basis. Children face unique stress in their day-to-day lives as well. They may have relationship issues with other children in school, hardships with learning or they may have so many extracurricular activities that they have difficulties juggling their time. Artificial Sky has an eye-catching collection of images just for children ranging from colorful hot air balloons ascending to magnificent kites suspended in mid-air. More and more school architects and school facilities design professional are using Artificial Sky to create a school environment that is more conducive to learning.

Basement Sky Ceilings & Wall Murals

In the past basements were a neglected area of the home used mainly for storage. Nowadays, the concept and usability of basement areas has changed dramatically and people are giving great importance to the design of this space. Ceiling art from Artificial Sky fits easily into any standard dropped ceiling or suspended ceiling grid and provides not only easy access to pipes and wires overhead but creates a larger than life appearance for the overall space.

Imaging Suite Ceilings & Wall Murals
The future of radiology departments is not only new imaging equipment, it is focused on becoming more patient-care oriented. A typical MRI or CT Scan can terrify the bravest souls and cause not only unnecessary stress, but delayed recovery times. A relaxed patient is more receptive, therefore they are more responsive to treatment. State-of-the-art, user friendly environments are a positive marketing tool and a strong facility competitive edge. Viewing nature imagery reduces systolic blood pressure and pulse; helps redirect negative thought and decreases boredom. To view a recent study conducted by RadSciences Group on Helping Radiology Patients Relax and learning what kind of images and colors reduce stress and promote healing CLICK HERE

An Artificial Sky is the perfect Lighting for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities.

Yoga Studio, Gym and Fitness Center Ceilings & Wall Murals
The sky is the limit when it comes to yoga studio design. Think about it; the flooring, ceiling, wall covering, colors, layout, yoga gear, etc. There are a lot of decisions to make. At Artificial Sky we strive to create a practical, biophilic space that is beautiful, relaxing, warm and inviting for all. No matter what type of weather you are having outside, it is always a beautiful day inside for yoga meditation with an Artificial Sky dropped ceiling or wall mural.

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